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Strategy ⇔ Planning ⇔ Analytics

The Strategy and Planning Office (SPO), reporting to the Rector, is an academic support unit which provides expert support in data collecction, consolidation, systemization and analysis to facilitate strategic planning, policy decision-making and quality improvement in education and research. The SPO also coordinates the formation of institutional plans and carries out research into the higher education for the development of the University.

The SPO has the following powers and responsibilities:

  1. To conduct benchmarking studies, analyze data and to provide timely and accurate information and analyses to assist the management in decision-making and evaluation of the overall performance of academic units;
  2. To assist the Rector in formulating, implementing and monitoring UM’s annual work reports and plans, multi-year plans and 10-year development strategy;
  3. To assist the Rector to lead the development of institutional strategies in key academic and research areas;
  4. To conduct research into higher education relevant to the development of the university.

The organizational chart is exhibited below: